Republic of Armenia, Yerevan

Date of publication: September "01", 2017

The effective date: September "01", 2017

This Public Offer (further the Contract) is official proposal of company “ARTASH CORPORATION” Ltd (the registration number 282.110.968666, the Republic of Armenia), the right-holder of Chummy Tour, (further Travel agency), to sign the Contract on the conditions provided below, and contains general conditions on realization of tourist products by means of the

Internet resources (further the Website) with persons who will accept these conditions of travel agency / further CUSTOMER /


1.1. Tourist product - a set of tourist services, the description of which is contained on the website or services agreed with the Customer, including: accommodation services, transportation services, transfer, excursion services and other services. Services included in the tourist product are directly provided to the Customer by third parties - a carrier, hotel or other means of accommodation, by the insurer and other persons providing services included in the tourist product.

1.2. Customer-Person who accepts the conditions set forth in this Contract regarding the provision of tourist services.

1.3. The Executor - Travel company which provides Tourist services.


2.1. The Executor  undertakes to provide tourist services to the Customer, and the Customer undertakes to pay for this product in accordance with the Contract.


3.1. Assembling information about the tourist product can be carried by electronic communication: orders, requirements and notices.

3.2. Reservation of a tourist product is carried out by the Customer through the website independently, or on the basis of the request of the Customer sent to the Executor on the contacts indicated on the Website.

3.3. Not later than three days after all the issues agreed, the Executor sends to the Customer a reservation confirmation of the tour, the details and the total cost of the tourist product.

3.4. Depending on the conditions of a particular tourist product, the reservation is carried out  without prepayment, or partial payment  or one hundred percent prepayment of the entire tourist package.

3.5. The cost of a tourist product includes the cost of the services specified in specifications of a tourist product, remuneration of the Executor, indirect taxes and fees. The final cost is determined in Armenian drams.


4.1. The Executor is obliged to provide the services that were previously agreed with the Customer.

4.2. The Executor undertakes to make reservation and payment to those persons who directly provide the services and indicated in the tourist product, if these services are not provided personally by the Executor.

4.3.The Executor undertakes to provide the Customer with information on consumer properties and details of the tourist product.

4.4. The Executor is responsible for the quality the timely provision of services under the Agreement.

4.5. The Executor doesn't bear responsibility and doesn't offer compensation in cases of changing the tour program for reasons caused by force majeure circumstances.

4.6. In all other cases, the Executor is liable in accordance with the RA legislation.

4.7. In case of cancellation of an earlier booked tourist product by the Customer, the Travel Company has the right to demand compensation for actually incurred expenses.

4.8. A travel company may require compensation, depending on when the customer made a cancellation of the tourist package.


5.1. The Customer has the right to receive full information and details of the tourist product cost, follow and demand information about implementation of the Order.

5.2. The Customer is obliged to pay the cost of the tourist product to the Travel Agency on the terms indicated on the website, unless otherwise provided by this Contract.

5.3. The Customer bears responsibility and risk of approach of adverse consequences in case of inaccuracy or falsity of the data transferred to the Executor required for the execution of the present contract.

5.4. The Customer has no right to make a claim to Travel agency for the sum exceeding actually paid to Travel agency partial or full payment for a tourist product.

5.5. The Customer doesn't bear responsibility if non-execution of the contractual obligations is caused by force majeure circumstances.

5.6. In all other cases, the Customer's responsibility issues are resolved in accordance with the RA legislation.


6.1. The Executor attaches great value to maintaining confidentiality of personal and other data of the Customer. The Executor understands that theonline booking assumes great trust from the Customer, appreciates it and makes all efforts to ensure the security  and confidentiality of personal and other data of the Customer.

6.2. The Executor collects and stores all personal and other data of the Customer. This data includes information that allows  to identify the Customer, including first and last name, phone number, e-mail address, and passport information.

6.3. If the services provided by this contract are fully or partially  provided by third parties, then the Executor, in the consent of the Customer, can report necessary information to those persons who render services.

6.4. The provision of personal data to other persons is prohibited, except for cases provided  by the legislation of RA.


7.1. Claims from the Customer are accepted within 10 calendar days of expiration date of a tour. Thereceivedcomplaintisreviewedwithin 10 calendardays.

7.2. Everything that isn't defined in the present Contract, the Parties are guided by the legislation of the Republic of Armenia.

7.3.  All disputes and disagreements are resolved by way of negotiations, in case of not achievement of consent, the Parties shall apply to Court of the Republic of Armenia.

7.4. The present Contract (Offer) comes into force from the moment of publication on the Website and is valid until the time of withdrawal by the Travel Agency.