Brief information about Armenia


Our advice to travelers, who decided to visit Armenia is based on the analysis of the travelers reviews and of course on our experience of many years.

Armenia is a country with more than five thousand-year history of originality, carefully preserved the cultural heritage, for which travelers named Armenia an “open-air museum”.

The area of Armenia is relatively small, only slightly more than 29 thousand km, while the nature and fauna are diverse; you will meet here flat fields, and rocky, wooded mountains, canyons, deep gorges, and even a small desert. The weather is dry continental, but it is also diverse, for example, if in Yerevan during February is near zero and without precipitation, in Tsakhkadzor it is about minus 5 and with abundant precipitation, and in Goris it can reach even minus twenty. By the way, Armenia is always sunny, with an average of 317 sunny days per year!

You can travel throughout Armenia all year round; spring comes early; in March everything is already flowering around, in April it's summer weather. Autumn comes late in October-November, nature in autumn is insanely beautiful with shades of green, yellow and red. In winter, the ski resorts of Tsakhkadzor and Sevan are available for travelers.


Harsnadzor Eco Resort


Travel tips for travelers


So, if you decide to travel around Armenia, take note of our five tips below:

  1. The most emotional tours around Armenia are sightseeing trips. One should not stop only in Yerevan and try, for example, to go to Tatev, which is only 250 km far, but, taking into account the roads with serpentines 4 hours 30 minutes without stops. Accordingly, build a route for sightseeing tours with accommodations in the most colorful hotels, for example: Yerevan - Tatev / Harsnadzor Eco Resort on the edge of the picturesque gorge / - Artsakh / Vallex Garden Hotel Stepanakert / - Sevan / Lavash Hotel in ethnic style / - Dilijan / Tufenkian Old Dilijan Complex/- Lori/Avan Dzoraget Hotel in the style of a medieval castle/- Gyumri/ Villa Kars Hotel with the colors of the XVIII century.
  2. If you like to drive, travel in Armenia on your own car by hiring car rent service. If you prefer to travel with an experienced guide - use the services of a professional guide or a driver with his personal car, which is more economic.
  3. Book tours in advance, at least for 3 months, Armenia is included in the top 20 most developing tourist destinations in the world, so in the season there are no vacant places in good hotels.
  4. During the rest in Yerevan, in addition to the classic sightseeing tours around the neighborhood (Garni-Geghard, Etchmiadzin-Zvartnots), include such interesting excursions as a night tour of the Byurakan astrophysical observatory, or a wine tasting in the picnic format at Voskeni Winery.
  5. Armenia is not only a country with dozens of temples of unique architecture and fascinating museums, picturesque nature with formidable rocks, delicious wine and gastronomic research, but also a center for extreme entertainment. Do not miss the chance to visit Yell Extreme Park in Yenokovan, where you can ride the Zipline, arrange horse riding and even paragliding.


Travel safety in Armenia


According to the international research center "Gallup", Armenia is among ten most secure countries in the world. The safety of traveling in Armenia, as well as the safety of night walks in Yerevan and Stepanakert (Republic of Artsakh), in addition to official statistics and world ratings, are confirmed by the reviews of numerous travelers in Armenia. By the way, besides safety, the comfort of traveling in Armenia is ensured by knowledge of the languages of local residents: about 90% of adults knew Russian, 40% - English.

Welcome to Armenia, friends ;)