Ski resorts in Armenia are considered to be holidays at a high-level for lovers of snow, skiing, snowboarding and incredible beauty of nature.

That season in Armenia, as a rule, begins in December and lasts until mid-March, the peak of the season falls on January-February.

Major ski resorts are located in Tsakhkadzor (58 km from Yerevan), Sevan (65 km from Yerevan) and Jermuk (170 km from Yerevan), where, unlike the capital of Armenia, Yerevan, there is almost always an abundance of snow and a very comfortable temperature for enjoying winter sports: -1 - -50С.

ski resort Armenia

Another reason for choosing ski resorts in Armenia is price. It is much lower than in most European countries, while the service is very high, which is confirmed by the numerous reviews of tourists from around the world.

By the way, you can safely come to rest on the ski resorts of Armenia without sport equipment, ski stations operate rental stations.

For example, ski rentals in 2018 per day costs an average of 5,000 AMD (10 USD or 625 RUR), as well as beginners can use the services of a professional instructor for an hour of 10 000 AMD (21USD or 1,250 RUR), usually 2-3 hours of training is enough to stand confidently on ski.

Tsaghkadzor ski resort


The most popular and large ski resort of Armenia - Tsakhkadzor, which is translated as a gorge of flowers, is located on the slope of Mount Teghenis.

Here is the Olympic base, where the athletes of the national team train. The infrastructure of the ski complex Tsakhkadzor provides 5 trails, both for experienced and professional athletes, and for amateurs and beginners, with a total length of more than 30 km!

ski resort Tsaghkadzor

There is a multi-level modern ropeway, where seats are heated. A daily subscription of using the ropeway will cost only 10,000 AMD (20 USD or 1,200RUR). In Tsakhkadzor, there are many restaurants, cafes and bars, comfortable hotels and guest houses for every budget. For example, a double accommodation in the guest house called “Art Guest House” per night will cost about 15,000 AMD (30 USD or 1,875 RUR), and in the 5-star hotel “Marriott Hotel Tsahkadzor Resort & Spa” - 60,000 AMD (124 USD or 7,500 RUR).

Some hotels have direct access to the ropewat and they have the highest ratings and reviews from tourists. For example, the budget variant of Best Western Alva Hotel, double accommodation will cost about 21,000 AMD (43USD or 2,625RUR) or 5 star hotel Golden Palace Hotel Resort & Spa GL - 69 000 AMD, (142USD or 8,625 RUR), there is only one thing that for these accommodations one should book in September-October, because in the high-season, as a rule, there are no vacant places.

Tsaghkadzor Armenia

Jermuk ski resort


Ski resorts of Jermuk are an excellent option for combining winter and health resort recreation. Jermuk is known primarily for its numerous sources of mineral waters and is the main health center of Armenia.

Since the beginning of the 2000s ski infrastructure starts to develop actively in Jermuk, which is more suitable for beginners and family holidays. The total length of the ski slope is 2.6 km, the difference is not more than 400 m.The slopes are equipped with ski lifts. When choosing ski resorts in Jermuk, it is recommended to stay in one of the many hotels offering professional SPA and wellness treatments.

Sevan ski resort


The ski resort of Sevan, located on the picturesque shore of the high-mountainous Lake Sevan, is the new center of the mountain-skiing tourism in Armenia.

ski resort Armenia

The ski infrastructure of Sevan was established only a few years ago and is actively developing; in the season of 2018 is in great demand, since there are all conditions for both amateurs and professionals.

The Sevan ropeway, with a total length of about 1,300 meters, is located in the village of Tsovagyukh, at the foot of the Pambak Ridge. For professionals, there are 2 ski slopes: serpentine, which is about 2 km long and a real black track with a length of 1.2 km. Sevan is also a paradise for free-ride lovers, as there is a sufficient amount of snow.

Well, for beginner skiers in the ski resort of Sevan, there are several gentle slopes, and for small participants of the ski tour in Sevan there is a training school, that is located on the territory of the hotel "Akhtamar".

By the way, since Tsakhkadzor and Sevan are at a distance of only 38 km from each other, both ski slopes are available for tourists.