Every year unique sightseeing places of Yerevan, including architectural masterpieces, historical monuments, museums, centers of modern art, many restaurants of haute cuisine attract millions of tourists from all over the world. Yerevan is a modern European city with its own unique charm and colors, where almost three thousand-year history and developed urban infrastructure are ideally combined. The best sightseeing places in the center of Yerevan.

Tamanyan's statue, Yerevan

So, we will compose our guide to the sightseeing places of the Yerevan center, as one article can’t fit all the sights, we confine with the most favorite route of our tourists, and a detailed map of the sightseeing places of the Yerevan center which is presented in this blog.

We will begin our route from the Institute of Ancient Manuscripts Matenadaran named after St. Mesrop Mashtots - the world's largest repository of manuscripts, where unique samples are exhibited, including the smallest as well as the largest հand-made book in the world.

Further on the route comes Yerevan Cascade, which is a unique architectural complex realized by original and non-standard solutions, consisting of an artificial waterfall where water falls from the pipes that form the traditional symbols of Armenia.

The road to the Cascade is crossed by the Tamanian square,who is the chief architect of Yerevan, where the contemporary art statues from Gafeschyan Museum are on display, and is now on the Cascade Center of the Modern Art of Gafeschyan. From the top of Cascade opens the panorama of Yerevan and the legendary mountain Ararat.

Continuing the route in the direction of Freedom Square, crossing the square of Martiros Saryan, one of the genius artists of the 20th century, in the alleys of Kհazar Parpetci Street and among the houses can be found one of the oldest and most beautiful churches in Yerevan - the Church of St. Zoravor Astvatsatsin.

Further on the root comes Freedom Square, where the Armenian Academic Opera and Ballet theater after A. Spendiarov is located.

Crossing the square near Freedom Square, passing by "Swan Lake" we reach to the most wide footpassenger street of Yerevan - Northern Avenue. There are many modern houses, shops, boutiques, cafes, bars and restaurants on this avenue. The Northern Avenue is adjacent to the main square of Yerevan - the Republic Square, where the National Historical Museum of Armenia is located.

The museum presents the items of material culture found on the territory of Armenia and related to the periods from the Stone Age to the end of the 19th century; there are about 400,000 items of national heritage, divided into sections of archeology, ethnography, numismatics. Next to the Historical Museum is the National Picture Gallery.

Our tour in the center of Yerevan will be completed on the “Vernisazh” souvenir market, which is located at the end of the Garegin Nzhdeh square, not far from the Republic Square.


What to see in Yerevan in the summer?


So, let's create top 10 sights that we recommend you to see during summer in Yerevan:

  1. The ancient city-fortress of Erebuni and the Museum of Erebuni located on the Arin-Berd hill (Yerevan), next to the remains of the Urartian fortress Erebuni.
  2. A walk through the center of Yerevan (Cascade - Freedom Square - Northern Avenue - Republic Square), where during summer all kinds of festivals and national dances are often held.
  3. Komitas square, where there is a statue of great Armenian composer. By the way, in the Arshakunyants avenue, there is Museum Institute named after Komitas, which is interesting not only for its exhibits, but also for its architectural designs.
  4. St. Gregory the Illuminator Cathedral, which is the most important church in Yerevan.
  5. Haghtanak Park (park of Victory) and the monument of Mother Armenia; the museum of the Ministry of Defense is located at the base of the monument, where armament models are displayed around the pedestal. There are a lot of carousels and entertainment places for kids in the park.
  6. Tumo Park, next to the school Creative Technology Center Tumo, which is on the list of the top 10 technological schools for teens around the world. The park is very picturesque, river Hrazdan flows along the way.
  7. Lovers park, a cozy park in the center of the city on Baghramyan Avenue, where there is entertainment place for children as well.
  8. Kid’s Railway of Yerevan - where a real children train goes along!
  9. Yerevan Zoo, is also interesting, as there are some cages, which are open, and there is a horse-riding school at the zoo.
  10. Singing /dancing fountains on the Republic Square of Yerevan, where the show begins every day at 20:45, and lots of tourists gather around that fountains.



What is worth to see in Yerevan during wintertime?


The climate in Yerevan during winter is temperate; usually the temperature does not drop below -5 C 0, so it is quite comfortable for walking, thus our division of Yerevan's sightseeing places for wintertime is very conditional, with the exception of pre-Christmas ceremonies, which are held in the city Center.

So, the top 10 sightseeing places that we recommend you to see in wintertime in Yerevan are;

  1. Christmas Market in the North Avenue, where the real atmosphere of magic reigns.
  2. Open air skating- rink on Swan lake, after skiing you can warm yourself with a delicious mulled wine in one of dozens of cozy cafes located near the ice rink.
  3. Park Eraz, where there is a magic city place and the residence of Santa Claus.
  4. Puppet Theater named after Tumanyan, recognized as the best in Europe.
  5. Visits to the popular museums: Martiros Saryan House Museum, Sergei Parajanov House Museum, Aram Khachaturian House Museum.
  6. "NPAK"; the center of modern experimental art.
  7. Megerian Carpet weaving factory in Yerevan, where you can see the technology of traditional hand-carpet weaving, admire the exhibition of the best hand-made carpets and, after which if you wish you can buy them.
  8. Ararat Museum located in the legendary Armenian cognac factory.
  9. The best restaurants in Yerevan; Dolmama, Wine Republic, Lavash, Tsirani, Yerevan Pandok.
  10. We will finish the list with the shopping and entertainment centers for the shopaholics, Dalma Garden Mall, Yerevan Mall, RIO, by the way the prices for world brands are much cheaper than in many countries of the world and the Tax-Free system is working there.



Tours around Yerevan and its suburbs.


Around Yerevan, within 30 km ride there are many cultural and historical heritage places. We recommend to combine rest in Yerevan with short tours around Yerevan suburbs; here is the list of the most popular destinations:

  1. Etchmiadzin Holy Cathedral - the spiritual center of all Armenians and the most ancient Christian church (301bc). On the way to Etchmiadzin you can visit the ruins of Zvartnots temple (5th century), which is called as well as Temple of the awaken angels. This temple is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.
  2. Garni-Geghard; Not far from Yerevan is the only survived pagan temple of Garni ( I century BC) ,nearby in the village of Geghard there is a unique Monastery complex Geghard (literally "spear") IV century,which is carved into the rock. Here the spear that pierced Christ were held for a long time, now it is kept in the Holy Etchmiadzin Cathedral.
  3. Khor Virap Monastry complex is located at the foot of the biblical mountain Ararat. The monastery is located above the underground prison, in which, according to legend, the Armenian king Trdat III kept in custody St. Gregory the Illuminator for about 15 years , before he was converted to Christianity. After that Armenia was converted to Christianity in 301, thus becoming the first country to adopt Christianity as a state religion.
  4. Medieval castle Amberd, erected on the edge of the gorge. Although only a part of the walls were preserved, but it has still completely preserved the spirit of greatness. And on the way to the castle there is a monument to the Armenian alphabet letters, each letter is carved from stone with a height of over one meter and is decorated with traditional Armenian symbols. There is also largest in the region Byurakan Astrophysical Observatory named after V. A. Ambartsumyan nearby.
  5. Winery Voskeni, where wine is produced exclusively from local varieties of grapes, and in summer, it is possible to organize tasting as a picnic.


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