Tourist attractions in Armenia attract millions of tourists every year. It is not a coincidence, that according to the opinion of the authoritative Travel and Leisure commentator, Armenia is included in the TOP-20 list of the most developing tourist destinations around the world: hundreds of monuments of architecture and culture recognized by the UNESCO world heritage, unimaginable nature with formidable rocks and mountainous rivers, active recreation and ski resorts are a little that awaits tourists in Armenia.


Noravank Monastery Complex


We will compose a list of 20 most fascinating places and tourist attractions in Armenia, which must be visited by tourists!


What to see in Armenia? Tourist attractions


So, tourists should definitely visit in Armenia the following places;

  1. The only survived Pagan temple Garni and the monastery complex carved into the rock of Gegard monastery.
  2. The symbol of Armenia - Mount Ararat; you can enjoy this view from the top of the Yerevan cascade or from the Monastery Khor Virap, located at the foot of Mount Ararat.
  3. The ruins of Zvartnots temple, included in the list of the world heritage of humanity by Unesco.
  4. It is necessary to visit the unique Museum of Ancient Manuscripts in Yerevan - Matenadaran and the Museum of History of Armenia; here you can find exhibited showpieces of Stone and Bronze Ages.
  5. By the way, even the stars in Armenia are unusual, which can be viewed with a real telescope during a night tour to Byurakan Astrophysical Observatory.


attractions Armenia


The most beautiful and interesting places in Armenia


Despite the fact that the territory of Armenia is relatively small, it is considered to be diverse and incredibly beautiful; the most emotional tours in Armenia are sightseeing tours. The most beautiful and interesting places in Armenia are the following places;

  1. Amberd - a medieval castle, located over a cliff near Mount Aragats, only 56 km from Yerevan. By the way, tourists, who prefer active type of rest, can climb Mount Aragats.
  2. Areni - the center of Armenian winemaking, where the autochthon grape variety of Areni grows. Tourists can taste the wine in one of the cellars, visit the cave of Areni, where as a result of excavations , there was discovered the oldest winery in the world with an age of about 6 thousand years. Also nearby, among the picturesque canyon is the Noravank monastery complex, the cantilever staircases of which leading to the second floor are called the road to paradise.
  3. Khndzoresk - an abandoned cave city, the path to which lies through the hanging bridge over a wooded canyon , which is considered to be one of the favorite tourist attractions.
  4. Artsakh - unusually picturesque region with mighty wooded mountains and thermal springs, where there are many cultural and historical sightseeing places, including the ancient city of Tigranakert (1st century BC), impregnable fortresses, temples of unique architecture.
  5. Sevan - the high mountainous and the largest lake in the region, where in addition to active type of rest,you can visit a number of attractions: Sevan monastery, located on the peninsula of Sevan, Noradus - the largest and oldest monument of Khachkars.
  6. Jermuk - famous for its healing mineral waters and its uniquely beautiful nature, is considered to be an ideal place for those, who prefer to combine rest with restoring their health.
  7. Dilijan - often chosen by tourists, who prefer peaceful rest among wooded mountains and clean air, the city is located among the same-named reserve zone. By the way, in Dilijan there is the only UWS school in the region.
  8. Tsaghkadzor - the most popular ski resort in Armenia, where tourists spend a lot of time even during summer; even the ropeway climb to the mountain is everything for them!
  9. Lori - one of the picturesque places in Armenia, where the green canyon and Stepanavan Dendropark leave a great impression on the holidaymakers. Here are also located the medieval fortress of Lori, monastery complexes of Haghpat and Sanahin.
  10. Gyumri - one of the most beautiful and second largest city in Armenia, where the spirit and architecture of the 18th century still can be felt; the city with its unusual color and charm, are fully preserved.


what to see in Armenia


What to do in Armenia?


Well, let's finish our Short-list of Armenia's attractions with 5 things that must be done in Armenia:

  1. To drink wine - in the last decade in Armenia the millennial winemaking traditions are actively reviving. By the way, Armenian wine Zorah is recognized as one of the top 10 world wines, and the only wine produced in the post-Soviet space that is served in 26 Michelin-starred restaurants around the world. We recommend you to taste the wine in one of the best wine restaurants in Yerevan: Wine Republic, In Vino or Voskevaz Wine Time or from the producers themselves, for example in Voskeni Winery, you will be offered an unusual tasting in the form of a picnic.
  2. Try the national cuisine - dolma, kyufta, tzhvzhik, and in winter also khash in one of the best restaurants of national cuisine: Dolmama, Lavash, Sherep, Tsirani, Vostan.
  3. Almost every tourist considers, that it is his/her duty to taste Armenian cognac in the brandy factory of Ararat - which has become a kind of symbol of Armenia.
  4. In Armenia tourists are obliged to fly with the longest ropeway of the world Tatever, which is registered in Guinness records book. After a 12-minute flight over the picturesque gorge of 350 meters depth, you will come to the monastery complex Tatev,which is located on the foot of the gorge.
  5. For fans of active recreation, in Armenia, in the village of Yenokavan there is the largest entertainment park called “ Yell Extreme Park”, where you can practice extreme sports even not being a professional sportsman: climbing, off- road tour, horseback riding, paragliding, etc. But in Yell Extreme Park, everyone should definitely ride the Zipline, this is a safer and more unforgettable experience.


Welcome to Armenia, the above mentioned things are the small things, that awaits you ahead!